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University of Louisville

Circa 2020

The Opportunity

I was approached by the university based on my experience as well as involvement in the community via CreativeMornings to teach a senior-level undergraduate course in UI/UX.

The Process

As a first-time instructor, I naturally started with doing some discovery! I interviewed recent UX/UI graduates as well as hiring managers at companies I’ve worked for in order to better understand what tools I could help the seniors develop to aid them entering the field.


The students came away with portfolio pieces that show a depth of understanding of the UX process. I wish I could promise them all jobs after they graduated, but the pandemic is definitely a wrinkle!

What made this project special?

I’ve been told many times that I should teach and I was finally given the opportunity! It was great fun working with younger students and their fresh approach to UI design. It was also a much-needed excuse to structure and brush up on all of the techniques that I take for granted as second nature.

It’s cliché but true to say that I learned nearly as much as the students.
The pandemic arriving mid-course had us switch from meeting in the classroom to meeting via Blackboard Collaborate (Blackboard’s proprietary web conferencing solution).

What about me?

Activities performed

  • Group project to allow students an introduction to the UX process as well as navigating team dynamics
  • Individual project to allow the students to explore the UX process on their own in a project of their choice
  • Brought in guest speakers to speak to themes such as design systems, working with recruiters, hiring managers, and developers

Things I loved

Walking into the building and seeing the creations of the multiple disciplines in the design school was creatively invigorating. It was so fulfilling to build up these students from a technique perspective as well as those soft skills that are relied upon in the workplace.

About the company

The University of Louisville offers bachelor’s degrees in 70 fields of study, master’s degrees in 78, and doctorate degrees in 22. The 2009 annual report of Arizona State University’s Center for Measuring University Performance ranks Louisville in the top public research universities in the United States.